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We are kissd  

We are advertising, from First Principles. 

We are an independent refuge for creative unicorns.

We are builders, coalescing around creativity.

We are a production company + creative agency.

Our Mission

Cultivating the next generation of talent, in order to revolutionize the next generation of advertising.


We are dedicated to discovering, nurturing, and educating, the industry's future creative leaders, fostering an environment that encourages innovation and learning. We believe that by investing in talented individuals, we can bring fresh, groundbreaking perspectives to the world of advertising. Our goal is not just to keep up with the industry's evolution, but to be at the leading edge of it, driving change with bold, effective campaigns that stand out and resonate. When you work with Kissd, you're not just investing in an ad agency, you're investing in the future of advertising itself.


Full Service Production


Full-service video production and post production capabilities. 

In-House Directorial Capabilities. Our ability to combine automotive Creative Direction and Commercial Direction is the key to unlocking extraordinary efficiency, and creative potential. 

Photographic Services, both in-house and the ability to source and work with a range of talented photographers. Both traditional automotive photographers and more social media-savvy content creators.

CG and Motion Graphics. Animation, Design, AI, Machine Learning and Visual Effects.  


Brand & Agency Partners


Just the
Right Services


The services we’ve chosen to focus on reflect a strategic mix of capabilities picked to get the most out of social media content and influencer/creator collaborations.


Campaign Management
Content Strategy
Media Strategy

Creative Services

Creative Strategy
Integrated Campaigns Branding & Design

Production Services

Motion Graphics

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